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We build great socks and not just for our own ranges. Sock Makers use their vast knowledge of sock design for corporate, events, schools, clubs and designer clients using our own products as a base. We have designed products for specific sports teams to give them a winning edge over the competition. We work fast to get the look you need. Just look at the 4 easy steps we require for you to get started. 



Sock Makers uses its extensive range of products to provide branding options for companies looking to stamp their mark and get real rewards from their design. Our socks are designed to be worn and some will last the user 1-2 years (*depending on use) that means when someone slips on a pair of our socks your logo will be there to remind them of your business and the great pair of socks they got from you.




branded Sock
Branded Sock
Branded Sock

The steps





We require information such as - Yarn type, images of logos or brands, what you are using the product for, have you seen any in our range that might suit, colour variations and sizing types.

Dont worry if you dont have all the answers some will be fine.

Once question time is over we get down to the knitty ritty and produce what we like to call a first draft. This is then photographed and sent via email to you to refine until which time we have a working sample. 



The proven design is sent to you for testing if required (this will carry a design fee of 100 dollars - dischargeable on return of the sample or order of the product. Further adjustments are made to the product during this phase to ensure it is right.



The end of the process that can take as little as 4 - 6 working days. You will have a signed off sample, sizing, costings etc. We are then ready for your order!

When considering a design please reference the colour pallet below which can create team socks, patterns in more general socks and bars in school socks. This colour pallet is our stocked colours but if you don't see something close we can arrange a colour to match* (this is only for orders of a specific size to warrant the purchase of 50kg of yarn) 


Any sample or drawing must be submitted in .pdf .jpeg or .tiff  

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